Gulfpanel MKII Solar Pool Heating

Zane Gulfpanels are manufactured in fixed size lengths, which are laid side by side to form a large grid. These systems generally require a larger rectangular area for installation and are commonly referred to as panel type systems within the industry.

Extensive research, development and testing have gone into the refinement of Zane Solar Gulfpanel MK2 with ten additional tubes adding an extra 16% collector surface area when compared to the original Gulfpanel.

Zane has added the new 2.4 meter size to the Gulfpanel range providing even more options to fit your roof space.

The key benefits are:

  • More resistant to wildlife attacks in regions where this is a problem
  • One piece panels with fewer joints
  • Excellent heat transfer characteristics
  • UV stabilised
Zane Gulfpanel MK2 Brochure Low res front cover

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