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Exciting Business Opportunities Available Now

Love dealing with people and have a passion for customer service? Want a job that’s good for the bank balance and the environment? Then Zane Solar may be the dealership for you!

Opportunities are available NOW for you to be part of Australia’s largest pool heating specialist group.

Zane dealerships are not a franchise but rather a business model where we supply the leads and you reap the rewards. Bring some customer relations and small business operational skills into the mix and you have a sure-fire recipe for success.

It’s an exciting time to join Zane Solar. Australia has the highest rate of pool ownership in the world and the industry continues to grow. There are huge numbers of pools that are un-heated, providing you with the potential to build a sustainable and highly profitable business.

To be considered for this position you must already be in the pool industry and able to work at heights

Join the Zane Solar family
Established in 1974, Zane Solar is a fully owned subsidiary of ASX-listed Waterco Ltd (ASX: WAT). You will be supported by an established and specialised management team dedicated to ensuring you have the skills and sales leads to maximise revenue and the effectiveness of the brand.

Contact us TODAY for more information on dealership and territories currently available on (02) 9898 8600 or email admin@waterco.com.


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