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Why Use Zane?

Founded in 1974, Zane is an Australian company specialising in customised solar and conventional heating systems for residential, commercial and Olympic swimming pools.

Zane has been synonymous with the Australian pool industry for nearly 40 years due to its uncompromising commitment to quality, reliability and efficiency.

Long before the terms ‘carbon footprint’ and ‘eco-friendly’ became commonplace, Zane was harnessing the natural energy of the sun so homeowners could extend their swimming season without harming the environment.

Zane reached international acclaim in 1978 when it received an Australian Design Award, and then selected the following year as a finalist for the Prince Phillip Design Award.

In addition to creating its versatile, integrated solar pool heating system, Zane also established a nationwide network of authorised dealers. This not only ensures every system sold is correctly designed and installed but also serviced by specially trained inspectors.

Furthermore, Zane solar heating systems are independently tested to meet exacting Australian Standards.

Zane is a subsidiary of Waterco Ltd, an ASX listed company manufacturing and distributing a diverse range of products for the international swimming pool and water treatment markets. Waterco is also the franchisor of Swimart, Australia and New Zealand’s largest network of pool and spa retail outlets.

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