2. Zane Difference

Zane Difference

Commitment to excellence

The Zane Difference – Only Zane has set international benchmarks with a versatile pool heating system tailored to suit all types of residential, commercial and Olympic swimming pools.

Here’s how it goes: Pool water is filtered in the usual way and, as it’s being circulated, the automatic solar controller constantly monitors temperature and compares it with the temperature of the solar absorbers. (Refer temperature-sensing probes.)

When the absorbers are 5° warmer than the pool water, the controller instructs the Zane system to switch on by activating a solar boost pump to divert water to the solar absorber array.

After collecting solar energy from the absorbers, water is returned to the pool in the standard manner.

If the roof cools down or water reaches the pre-set ‘top out’ temperature, the controller switches off the diverter or pump and remains in the stand-by mode, ready to cycle again when conditions are suitable.

There is no interruption to the pool’s normal filtration throughout this entire operation, which can be controlled either manually or via a pre-set time clock. The Zane difference is further exemplified by the outstanding results achieved during independent testing at prominent Universities and technical institutions, which continue to confirm the seamless performance of the Zane system against other brands.

Zane gulfpanel solar absorber

Authorised dealers

Zane’s solar pool heating systems are only available from Authorised Zane Dealers. This not only ensures every system sold is correctly designed and installed but also serviced by specially trained inspectors.

Authorised Zane Dealers routinely undertake intensive training to ensure they adhere to the company’s quality controlled design and professional installation practices. In addition, every Zane system is individually inspected with a comprehensive ‘Commissioning Report’ checklist. A Warranty Certificate is then issued by an Authorised Zane Dealer and officially registered on Zane’s central records.

Furthermore, all Zane solar pool-heating systems are independently tested to meet exacting Australian Standards.

Customer protection plan

Every Zane solar pool heating system owner receives an exclusive Customer Protection Plan that provides them with direct cover from Zane, and Waterco Ltd – a publicly listed company (ASX: WAT) that manufactures and distributes products for the international swimming pool market. Founded in 1974, Zane has nearly 40 years’ experience in the solar pool heating industry and is committed to maintaining high standards of excellence. (See our warranty document for full terms and conditions on individual products.)

Zane solar strip absorber

Computer sizing

The size of the solar pool heating system required is determined by the dimension of the pool, the conditions that speed up or slow down heating, the length of the existing swimming season, and the desired temperature.

Using special design calculations, we will accurately determine what size Zane solar pool heating system you require in order to achieve the results you want. We also use an advanced computer sizing program to calculate a “Cost Effective” tailored solution, ensuring you only pay for the system that most suits your needs.

Zane versatility

All Zane solar pool heating components including the roof absorber, pool pumps, solar controller and system accessories are constructed in-house exclusively by Zane. This ensures every product is compatible and made to the highest standards of quality control.

Zane flexiblity

Only Authorised Zane Dealers are able to offer you an unbiased solution to your heating needs by providing detailed information on the rigid Gulfpanel system or flexible Gulfstream system.

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