2. Solar Pool Heating
  3. How It Works

How It Works

Zane has developed a system that absorbs the sun’s heat and transfers it to your swimming pool. The water in your pool is heated as it flows through a series of solar absorbers – also known as the collector – strategically installed in the contours of your roof. Heated water is then returned to the pool to increase its overall temperature and extend your swimming season.

To capture the maximum amount of energy produced by the sun, the solar collector is usually installed on a north-facing surface such as the roof of the house or garage, on a patio cover, or specially built structure. This way, a typical daily temperature of 20-25°C (68-77°F) can achieve a roof material temperature of around 50°C (122°F).

Unlike other pool heaters on the market, solar pays for itself in just a few years. After the initial setup cost, the ongoing running expenses are minimal as heat is provided free from the sun. This enables you to increase the amount of time you spend in your pool without worrying about expensive energy bills.

Independent Solar Systems

In an independent system, the pool water

(1) is pumped directly from the pool via a solar pump

(2) to the solar absorber

(3) on the roof and then returns the heated water back to the pool (1).


Integrated Solar Systems

An integrated system is similar to an independent system; however this time, the existing filtration equipment is used in conjunction with new components.

This works by circulating water via the filtration pump (4)

and then using a smaller solar pump (2)

to push water up to the roof, through the absorber, and back down again. The water connection point is taken from the existing filtration line (6)

that is between the filter (5)

and chemical feeders or chlorinators (7).


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