2. Gas Pool Heating

Gas Pool Heating

Gas pool heating is one of the most popular systems for heating swimming pools and spas. Today you can find new gas-fired heater models with much higher efficiencies than older models.

How They Work

Gas pool heating uses either natural or propane gas to heat pool or spa water. The pump circulates the pool’s water through a heat exchanger within the heater at the same time as gas burns in the heater’s combustion chamber generating heat which transfers to the water and returned to the pool.

They’re most efficient when heating pools and spas for short periods of time and ideal for quickly heating pools and spas. Gas pool and spa heaters may be a good choice for pools and spas that aren’t used on a regular basis. Unlike heat pumps and solar pool heating, gas pool heaters can maintain any desired temperature regardless of the weather or climate.

Selecting a Gas Pool Heater

When selecting a gas swimming pool heater, you need to consider the following:

  • Size
  • Efficiency
  • Costs

Sizing a Gas Pool Heater

Sizing a gas pool heater may involve many factors. A heater is normally sized according to the surface area of the pool and the difference between the pool and the average air temperatures.

Other factors to consider also affect the heating load for outdoor pools:

  • Wind exposure
  • Humidity levels
  • Cool night temperatures
  • Use of a pool cover

Therefore, pools located in areas with higher average wind speeds at the pool surface, lower humidity, and cool nights will require a larger heater.

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