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Benefits and Expectations

A Daisy pool cover can warm your pool water by up to 8°C. Free solar energy passes through the special transparent cover material to heat the pool water. It works just like a garden greenhouse; more warmth in equals less heat out.

Save on Evaporation
A Daisy pool cover is a physical barrier to evaporation as it covers the pool water like a lid on a jar. Although not totally airtight, a pool cover impedes the elements that cause evaporation. In fact, a correctly fitted cover can effectively prevent 97% of natural evaporation.

Water surface area, water temperature, air temperature, air pressure, air density, wind speed and humidity, among others, all affect evaporation.

Save on Heat Loss
No matter how you heat your pool water a Daisy pool cover will help keep the warmth right where you want it – in the pool water.

The insulating Daisy solar blanket acts as a barrier between the colder air and the warmer pool water. This stops the natural process of hot and cold attracting each other, which is commonly known as convection. Installing a pool cover saves you money.

There is a Daisy cover ideal to suit all outdoor and indoor heated pools.

Save on cleaning time
A Daisy pool cover will help prevent dirt and leaves falling into your pool, which not only requires you clean it less but also puts less pressure on filtration and sanitation systems.

Save on chemicals
A Daisy pool cover reduces salt and chemical use by up to 50%, which is a major cost of pool maintenance.

No matter what form chlorine is added to pool water, it eventually returns to its natural state as a gas before escaping into the atmosphere. When using a cover, the gas is trapped and stays in the water longer. However, as the gas accumulates and concentrates on the warmer surface, the extreme conditions can increase blanket degradation.

The Daisy covers with UltraDome Bubble technology are designed to withstand chemical concentrations which commonly destroy other pool covers.

Save on longer lasting cover
A Daisy pool cover lasts longer because it is specially designed to withstand Australia’s harsh climate conditions, particularly around the heated chemical environment.

This durability is due to UltraDome Bubble technology, which is constructed from extra strong polyethylene (PE). Unlike other covers, the majority of this material is used on the side that has the most contact with the chemically treated water. In addition, even thickness of the material ensures no weak points that can be exploited to reduce the life of the cover.


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