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Electroheat ECO-V 7, 12, 15, 20kW Inverter SV Pool Heat Pump
Electroheat ECO-V 27kW Inverter SV Pool Heat Pump

Electroheat ECO-V Inverter Side-Vent Pool Heat Pump

Electroheat ECO-V inverter side-vent pool heat pump’s use just a fraction of the energy to generate the same amount of heat and unlike solar heating; there is no reliance on the sun as the latent heat in the air is used. A pool heat pump will economically keep your pool warm 24 hours a day. Compared to gas and electric heaters, for every 1kW of electricity consumed, Electroheat can produce up to 8kW of heat.

Electroheat ECO-V inverter side-vent pool heat pump’s –

An ideal solution for heating:

  • Swimming pools to extend the season
  • Plunge pools
  • Swim spas and spas
  • Swimming pools for year round enjoyment

Side Venting Models available: 7 , 12, 15, 20, 27kW heat & cool

Electroheat ECO-V inverter pool heat pumps have the following features:

  • SMART CONTROLS for temperature management and self diagnosis
  • INBUILT SAFETY DEVICES for water flow, refrigerant level and compressor startup delay
  • POWERFUL HEAT TRANSFER through the coiled heat exchanger, maximising water contact
  • TITANIUM DUAL COIL heat exchanger is highly resistant to ozone, iodine, baquacil, salt and chlorinated water
  • LARGE BLUE FIN EVAPORATOR AREA to extract more ambient heat. Blue Fin coating provides additional protection against corrosion, especially for coastal installations.
  • VARIABLE SPEED COMPRESSOR for improved efficiency and high performance
  • WEATHERPROOF CABINET for outdoor installation
  • AUTOMATIC HOT GAS DE-ICING Heats your pool even when the ambient air temperature is close to 0°
  • Warranty – Residential
    25 years – titanium heat exchanger tube against corrosion (eff 1 Aug 22)
    3 years – compressor
    2 years – all other components
    Warranty- Commercial – 1 year
  • Warranty – Labour – 1 year
  • Conditions apply, see the Waterco Limited warranty set out in the Waterco Warranty Booklet or view it at www.waterco.com

Electroheat ECO-V Inverter Side-Vent Pool Heat Pump use ENERGY EFFICIENT INVERTER TECHNOLOGY

Electroheat ECO-V Inverter Side-Vent pool heat pumps utilise a variable speed compressor to regulate the pool water temperature automatically and independently.
• inverter technology uses a variable speed compressor motor similar to a cars engine
• it slows down and speeds up as needed to hold a selected desired temperature or speed
• the desired temperature will be reached more quickly and maintained more efficiently
• inverter technology provides a more precise water temperature without the fluctuations and power wastage of fixed speed systems
• inverter technology is significantly more energy efficient with energy savings of between 15 – 30% over fixed speed systems
• the speed control of the compressor and fan motor also means quieter operation

Electroheat ECO-V Inverter SV Heat Pump Brochure Cover

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