Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use a pool cover?

The most effective way to prevent heat loss is to install a pool cover. An un-blanketed pool loses 2-3 times more heat than a blanketed pool. Pool covers virtually eliminate evaporation and reduce heat loss by insulating the surface of the pool, greatly reducing pool heating costs. As with all pool heaters, it would be advisable to use a pool cover at night, and when the pool is not in use.

What is the minimum ambient operating temperature?

The Ultra heat pump will actually operate down to an ambient air temperature of 0°C, but with minimal heat output. Therefore we recommend that the minimum operating temperature should be 5°C.

What is the best location for Electroheat heat pumps?

The location of the Electroheat is very important in keeping installation costs to a minimum, while providing for maximum efficiency of operation as well as allowing adequate service and maintenance access. The unit should be located as close as practically possible to the existing pool pump and filter to minimise water piping. The use of 90 degree bends and short radius elbows in the water piping should be kept to a minimum. The longer the distance from the pool, the higher the heat loss from the piping.

Can the Electroheat heat pump be enclosed?

The Electroheat is designed for outdoor installation and should not be installed in totally enclosed areas such as a shed, garage, etc., unless mechanical ventilation is provided to ensure adequate air exchange for proper operation. Recirculation of cold discharged air back into the evaporator coil will greatly reduce unit’s heating capacity and efficiency.

What is the Electroheat’s performance dependent on?

Electro Heat’s performance will fluctuate depending on water and weather temperatures. 5 important factors determine the performance of Electroheat Subzero:

  • Size of the pool.
  • The desired temperature of the pool
  • Ambient air temperature – the warmer the air, the better the performance
  • The presence of a pool cover
  • The size of the heater

What are the Electroheat and Electroheat Ultra’s heater run times?

Most units should be sized to operate during the pool filtering cycle time of 8 – 12 hours daily, providing a steady flow of heated water. On warmer days the heater will run less because the heat loss will be less.

Electroheat heat pumps have a lower heating capacity on a KW/hr basis compared to fossil fuel based pool heaters such as gas heaters. Therefore, Electroheat heat pumps require longer operation to accomplish the desired temperature. Between 10°C to 18°C, it will increase your water temperature by 3°C to 5.5°C a day. Over 21°C you should obtain an increase up to 0.8°C an hour and over 26°C up to 1.1°C an hour depending on the size of the pool, the size of the heat pump, the water temperature, and the ambient air temperature at the moment of operation. Even though the Electroheat may require longer operation, it will still heat the pool far more economically.


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