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Aquamaster Pool & Spa Automation

Aquamaster Pool & Spa Automation by Waterco simplifies pool management to the press of a button on the colour touch screen or your WIFI connected smart device. Easy to use, energy efficient and designed for all decors and lifestyles.

Additionally, the wall mount colour touch screen control panel can be operated from the convenience of indoors, allowing homeowners to easily manage pool, spa and ancillary functions such as pump, filter, heater, cleaner, landscape lighting and water features.

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Aquamaster Pool & Spa Automation colour touchpad control or app brings a wealth of benefits to pool owners, including:

  • Easy-to-navigate LCD screen automates and operates filtration equipment
  • One touch switching between pool, spa and pool, and spa modes
  • Ability to check outside air temperature, pool and spa water temperature as well as monitor equipment status
  • Reduced power bills through automated management of energy saving pumps and LED coloured lights
  • Reduce heating costs with integrated commands that maximise the use of free energy from the sun before activating conventional forms of heating, such as a heat pump or gas heater

Also, the system makes it easy for pool builders with a host of special features ranging from plug-in sensors for easy installation through to intuitive set-up and programmable lifestyle settings.

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