Heat pumps reducing environmental impact

More Australian families are expecting their pool equipment to be environmentally friendly which has driven a rise in products with reduced emissions and energy use. This trend has grown to include filters and filter media, pool pumps, lighting and heating systems.

Some types of pool heating in particular can be very costly to run, as any form of heating tends to guzzle energy. However, heat pumps are being looked at as energy efficient and environmentally friendly solutions, says Adam Shelley, Zane Solar Pool Heating Product Manager.

“Heat pumps are a great way to heat pool water as they are super-efficient and consume very little energy to operate compared to traditional methods,” Adam says.

“Unlike solar pool heating systems which rely on direct sunlight to heat water, heat pumps extract heat from the air (similar to a reverse cycle air conditioner) and use that heat to increase pool water temperature.”

Although heat pumps generally take longer than gas heaters to warm up the pool, they use a fraction of the energy to generate the same amount of heat.

The Electroheat range of heat pumps from Waterco utilise advanced technology to deliver optimum performance whilst lowering impact on the environment. It’s most outstanding features include:

  • Scroll compressors and dual coil titanium heat exchanger.
  • Temperature management.
  • R410A refrigerant gas.
  • Weather proof cabinet.
Electroheat MKIV Pool Heat Pump

Efficient pool heating with the Electroheat MKIV pool heat pump

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