Commercial Pool Heating Solutions helping to reduce operating costs

Commercial Pool Heating Solutions helping to reduce operating costs
Public swimming pools are a common sight across Australia and have provided an essential community service attracting people from all walks of life. For many Aussies, the local pool is where we learnt to swim as kids, where we hung out with our teenage friends after school, and where we swam laps to stay fit ...

Intelligent swimming pool automation

Intelligent swimming pool automation
Like it or love it, it looks like automation is here to stay and is revolutionising the way every day people are taking care of their pools and spas. Pool owners are demanding more and more automation, especially for pools equipped with multiple accessories, such as an integrated spa, in floor cleaning, water features, heating, ...

Integrated and independent systems

Solar pool heating is an energy efficient and money-saving way of heating your pool water to extend the swimming season. Zane solar offers high quality and energy efficient systems that perform well and may be installed on either integrated or independently plumbed pools. We’ve provided a simple explanation of how each system works: Integrated • ...
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