Integrated and independent systems

Solar pool heating is an energy efficient and money-saving way of heating your pool water to extend the swimming season. Zane solar offers high quality and energy efficient systems that perform well and may be installed on either integrated or independently plumbed pools.

We’ve provided a simple explanation of how each system works:


• In an integrated system, the solar absorber is placed on the roof. The entire system can be easily retrofitted and does not interfere with any other part of the pool structure.
• The water is diverted after the filtration system, so only clean, filtered water is pumped up towards the solar absorber.
• Generally the system uses a secondary pump.


• As with an integrated system, and independent system uses a solar absorber that is placed on the roof.
• However, the water is pumped directly to the solar absorber from the pool without going through the filter with the heated water returned to the pool.
• An independent system also needs to be worked into the plan by the pool builder by provided separate suction and return lines to and from the pool. They are simple to install.

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